About Me//

Hello! I'm so glad you took the time to check this out! Just don't expect any deep dark secrets, this is not where you will find those!

Now let's get to it! I never wanted to do photography in the first place, the idea of having a cool looking camera and such was very appealing, but I didn't see myself as someone who would spent their life clicking away!

Of course, I always loved taking pictures and videos as a way to remember the good times, so I do believe I had some photography desire deep within me.

After getting my AA, I took up photography as a hobby and decided to invest in the good stuff! I started up a business right before 2013 came in. Since I started, I've done weddings, families, children and much more! I'm always getting inspired and enjoy shooting everywhere I go! I'm very passionate about my craft and I love seeing the smiles from my clients when they see their portraits!

I thrive for quality portraits that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Without pictures, how can we remember what took place? Whether they are physical or digital, precious memories should always be captured. I hope I get the opportunity to make that a reality for you!