Tatianna & Juan Wedding | North Fort Myers, FL

Florida can have very unpredictable weather, even on an exciting wedding day! But despite some rain here and there, Tatianna and Juan refused to let it get in the way of their day! Everyone was so full of style, I was swooning over all the colors and decoration! I don't want to pick favorites, but so far, I am so happy with the way these images came out! I wish you all the best Tatianna and Juan, one of the most sweetest couples I ever got to shoot. I'm blessed to be apart of their beautiful day!

Wise Family Second Reunion | Family Portraits (Bowditch Point Park, Fort Myers Beach)

So two weeks after I got together with the Wise family and their visiting family,  I reunited with the family once again for another set of visiting relatives! The relatives were hoping to get some beach portraits as well since they are from the north! Florida has beautiful beaches, so I don't blame them!

We revisited Bowditch Park and walked towards the beach since it's one of my favorite beaches! The skies looked so beautiful and the kids had so much fun playing by the sea. I'm so pleased to be living by such lovely beaches!

Wise Family First Reunion | Family Portraits (Bowditch Point Park, FL)

Over the summer, I got to shoot with the Wise Family at the beach! I was approached by Kasie before the summer about two family reunions that would take place in July. So we had two different family sessions stand and this was our first one! I don't usually shoot in the summer since it's so hot in Florida! Well, it's hot even in 'winter' but that's our life! But this family wanted to take portraits of their family visiting and I was more than happy to join them! Their family is used to the cold up north, so they were anxious to get some beach portraits.

We were a bit worried that it would rain since summer in Florida also means rain! Luckily for us, the day was beautiful and we had gorgeous skies! It was still very warm, but everyone was happy and radiant!

As expected, the kiddos enjoyed the beach much more than we did. So I made sure to capture some candid shots of their cute interactions in the sea!

Jim and Nancy | 50th Wedding Renewals (The Verandah, Fort Myers, FL)

Jim and Nancy have been married for fifty glorious years! These two were absolutely precious and I was so thrilled to be apart of their beautiful renewal. It was a sweet and intimate reunion with their children, grandchildren, and other family members. The renewal took place at The Veranda in Fort Myers, FL in the garden courtyard. Right before the two renewed their vows, Jim wanted to surprise Nancy with a jewelry gift he bought from Tiffany's, which wowed her! These two are so fulled with love, it was just so moving to witness!

The family continued the celebration of their love and devotion by having a private dinner together. The room was decorated with keepsakes and portraits of the couple throughout the years of their relationship and marriage, which was beautiful and memorable for the whole family to see. As a photographer, it gave me great joy to be able to celebrate an event like this and capture all the moments and details. Even though they had gone through fifty years of marriage, it was like these two were falling in love for the first time and that is something they don't take for granted.

Thank you Jim and Nancy for including me on this wonderful day and I pray that your love for each other continues to grow and grow with each passing day!

Steve & Carmela | Lake Worth FL Wedding (Palm Beach County)

This was my first wedding of 2015! I was so excited when Carmela messaged me about doing her wedding. Especially since I get to be apart of her special day with her beloved. These two have been dating for so long, I had been hoping they would tie the knot! Carmela is a huge Disney lover, so I was very excited when she told me she would be incorporating details from her favorite movie of all time, Beauty and the Beast.

Her dress is also from the Alfred Angelo's Disney Fairy Tale Collection. It looked absolutely stunning on her! The wedding and reception took place at the German-American Club in Lake Worth, FL. The venue is a familiar location for the couple, it was the same place Steve proposed to Carmela! Speaking of Steve, he wanted to incorporate his own touches to the wedding! This was definitely a first for me! He had all his groomsmen wear kilts, including himself!

One of the highlights of the wedding happened after the cake was cut (which had a lovely castle on top of it and it reminded me of the Beast's castle in the movie!). Carmela has one of the most loveliest voices ever and I was so stoked when she had planned to sing for Steve. It was a very special moment for the two and I know Steve loved it.

Steve and Carmela, I wish you two the very best! I am so thankful to be apart of your love story!!

Courtney & Kyle | Proposal Capture (Fort Myers FL)

Back in December 2014, a friend had contacted me about getting some special proposal pictures of her daughter, who also happens to be a friend of mine! I was so overjoyed, I had never shot a proposal before and I knew it had to be secretive. The week before Courtney's arrival from school, I had gone to her home where the proposal would take place and planned out with the help of her parents!

When the day finally came, I drove over with my assistant (who is also my sister haha!) and was ushered in by Courtney's mother since Kyle's plan was being carried out. I hid in the laundry room where there happened to be a window that I could look out and take pictures from. At this point, the sun was setting and I was hoping that there would be enough light to capture this! Kyle started out by showing Courtney a blanket he got for her with her favorite animal, the elephant! After that, they relaxed by the bonfire and Kyle started telling Courtney of how much he loved her and everything he was grateful for. I could tell she was getting excited! Then he told her to close her eyes and pulled out a sign he made himself! It was adorable!!!! Oh my goodness! Once he told her to open her eyes, she had the biggest smile on her face!! Courtney's family was watching the entire thing and cheered once he showed her the ring. It was the cutest thing I had ever witness, they were so in love!! <3 <3 <3

Courtney's brother had also planned something extremely special when she said yes. Right as I came out from the house to get closer shots, fireworks were suddenly shot in the sky! I was so surprised and so was Courtney! After the proposal, they walked back into the house where I captured everyone celebrating together. It was amazing and I wish them the very best! I know already that the two will be moving to Dallas together in October where they will start their new adventure together!!! <3

Fischer | Children Portraits (Rotary Park, Cape Coral FL)

Fischer is one of the coolest kids I know! His mother loves getting portraits done of him and I can understand why! He's one of the cutest kids ever! He is such a sweetheart too :) We decided to see Rotary Park, which has a beautiful nature trail that I thought would be perfect for the portraits. We got to explore and see some ducks, which made his day! He even decided to direct me for a small part and told me how he wanted his pictures to look, it was so sweet!!!

That's one thing I love about shooting kids: you get to goof around and you end up laughing more than they do!

Bhuvnaa's Grad Bash | Event Portraits (Temple Bethel, Fort Myers FL)

This event was shot in 2014, but it's one of my favorites!

I had the honor of photographing Bhuvnaa's big graduation party! Her senior session was so much fun! And while we shot, she mentioned how excited she was for this event, it got me excited!

The event was held at Temple Bethel and Bhuvnaa was visited by many friends and family that came to celebrate her journey. There were many guests, from mentors, grandparents, and others from many walks of life that have witnessed her journey from a child to an intelligent, beautiful woman.

After greeting every guest, close friends and family gave words of encouragement as well as testimony to how they have seen Bhuvnaa grow. A slideshow was presented after the speeches were given and then came the big celebration! The party ended with dancing and a chance to take a picture at the popular photo booth! It was a night Bhuvnaa will never forget and I was happy to have had the opportunity to record all the precious moments of the event!

Bhuvnaa, I wish you the best of luck at UF! Show them what you are made of!

Caitlin | Senior Portraits (Koreshan Park, Estero FL)

I met Caitlin at a friend's Christmas party last year, she had mentioned wanting senior portraits so we got to arrange a session! She was looking for a nice backdrop, so I mentioned Koreshan Park! It's one of my favorite locations, especially with everything she was looking for her shoot!

We had been so nervous about the rain, but we had good weather! It was a bit warm, but Caitlin still looked amazing through it all! I had such a blast with her that I wish I could do it all over again! Her mother brought along her own camera too, it was like we were paparazzi to a celebrity :)

Caitlin, I wish you the best of luck in your journey! Have fun at UCF! <3

While shooting, Caitlin's mother pointed out that there was a 15 over Caitlin, which happen to be the same year she was graduating! :) It was an awesome coincidence!

Bianca | Newborn Portraits (Cape Coral FL)

It had been a while since I had done a newborn shoot, so when Alina contacted me about wanting portraits of her precious little girl I was more than ecstatic! Bianca is her second child, so she was itching to get some shots with her and her oldest daughter. Who is also two and had a short attention span :) that's why I love toddlers! Here are some of the pictures we took from the session! Bianca was a loveable baby and I'm happy to have worked with this family to enjoy these precious moments!

Steven & Megan | North Fort Myers Wedding

These two have been through it all! But that didn't stop them from having the wedding they always wanted! From the beginning, Megan had some minor set backs when it came to her wedding. But she was all smiles when the day finally came where she can be the bride she had hoped to be and she looked amazing! Steven looked like the happiest man in the world..

This wedding was shot in December on family property. Usually it's never cold in Florida, but we sure got some cold fronts that month! This day happened to be one of the coldest days of the month too! Wowza! I was practically shivering in my dress! It's a good thing I brought my cardigan.. Of course, this cold weather didn't stop the party!! :)