Wise Family First Reunion | Family Portraits (Bowditch Point Park, FL)

Over the summer, I got to shoot with the Wise Family at the beach! I was approached by Kasie before the summer about two family reunions that would take place in July. So we had two different family sessions stand and this was our first one! I don't usually shoot in the summer since it's so hot in Florida! Well, it's hot even in 'winter' but that's our life! But this family wanted to take portraits of their family visiting and I was more than happy to join them! Their family is used to the cold up north, so they were anxious to get some beach portraits.

We were a bit worried that it would rain since summer in Florida also means rain! Luckily for us, the day was beautiful and we had gorgeous skies! It was still very warm, but everyone was happy and radiant!

As expected, the kiddos enjoyed the beach much more than we did. So I made sure to capture some candid shots of their cute interactions in the sea!