Caitlin | Senior Portraits (Koreshan Park, Estero FL)

I met Caitlin at a friend's Christmas party last year, she had mentioned wanting senior portraits so we got to arrange a session! She was looking for a nice backdrop, so I mentioned Koreshan Park! It's one of my favorite locations, especially with everything she was looking for her shoot!

We had been so nervous about the rain, but we had good weather! It was a bit warm, but Caitlin still looked amazing through it all! I had such a blast with her that I wish I could do it all over again! Her mother brought along her own camera too, it was like we were paparazzi to a celebrity :)

Caitlin, I wish you the best of luck in your journey! Have fun at UCF! <3

While shooting, Caitlin's mother pointed out that there was a 15 over Caitlin, which happen to be the same year she was graduating! :) It was an awesome coincidence!