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“Photographs are very interesting, and you can look into them a million times and still find a new meaning in them, something in the
past that was caught in the film itself…”― Rebecca McNutt, Smog City
El Salvador Trip 2014

El Salvador Trip 2014

Growing up, my mother loved making albums of all our precious memories. We have quite the collection of
albums in our shelves and they aren't exactly organize, so looking through them can be quite a surprise. There are plenty of photographs
of my sister and I growing up in those albums and depending on the event taking place in the pictures, I can think of a fond memory or two.  After
some time my mother stopped creating albums. With each passing year, I still treasure those portraits and the memory they carry.

Everyone has a story. I want to tell that story because it's worth something to tell. I do it through photography,
because every moment is fleeting but photographs can last a lifetime.